time management

 How to Manage Time Effectively

Fighting Procrastination

  • Make a list and divide up tasks
    • For example, “Write Chaucer Paper” is not divided up. It still looks like a lot of work.
      • Divide it up into “General Prologue irony analysis” and “Character’s Tale irony analysis”
      • Even better: make yourself write a certain number of words. 250 words is usually the count for a double-spaced page.
  • Time Yourself
    • I hone in and focus on one task for 20-30 minutes.
    • NO internet, television, texting, etc.
    • After the time period of pure work THEN I allow myself to take a ten to fifteen minute break.
    • Reward your own hard work with a good break
  • Cross items off of the list as you complete them

Here is a good timer to use: http://online-stopwatch.en.downloadastro.com/tools/